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If you are looking for advanced teacher trainings that take you beyond the layer of asana, this space is for you. If you are looking to dive deeper into a specific philosophical topic or a nuanced aspect of practice, this space is for you. If you are looking for fun asana classes that weave in subtle aspects of the ancient yoga practice, this space is for you. Together, we will explore the world of yoga while also living in this physical world, using the joys and challenges as opportunities to grow and evolve.

As the Los Angeles-based founder of Tantra Flow Yoga® mentor, training and workshop facilitator, and global educator, I bring this knowledge to you, sprinkling joy and humor through the process.

I’m honored to be practicing and teaching on this long path and excited to share the wisdom gained from my many teachers with you.

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Yoga & Meditation

Available online & on-demand.  Move your body with wise alignment, creative sequencing, accessing inner energy and connecting to your soul.

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Tantra Flow Yoga® has 300-hour, 200-hour and 50-hour teacher trainings packed with easy to digest Tantric wisdom.  

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Retreats, workshops, festivals, guest teaching, short-term trainings; offered locally and internationally, created with love and care.

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You are invited to join Jeanne for livestream or on demand classes where she weaves in aspects of the subtle body through a fun flowing experience.


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Happy Summer to all in the Northwest Hemisphere!⠀
While you are playing, relaxing, traveling, and doing whatever you want - here's a freindly reminder to keep up your yoga and meditation practice. It will support your health and safety through any fun activities. And a steady practice keeps your mind steady as the heat intensifies. ⠀
Please wear sunscreen. Drink lots of water. And, please keep practicing. It pays off, I promise.⠀
#happysummer #longdays #summerfun #schoolisout #wearesunscreen #drinkwater #keeppracticing #yogapractice #steadinessofmind #tantraflowyoga #beachbliss⠀
Happy Summer Solstice!

We are at the half-way mark of 2024, how is it going for you?  This is a great time to review any goals, resolutions, and intentions to re-apply those that were forgotten and revise those that were unrealistic.  Tomorrow is a full moon so this is an extra potent time to align your actions with your desires. 

May your nights be bright, may your days be cool, and may your heart remain bright amidst the shadows. 

#summersolstice #halfyearreview #magicaltime #tantraflowyoga #oregonmemories
In honor of Juneteenth, I am shining the light on one of my favorite black-owned businesses, @mahoganymommies . The company is a black-woman-owned business run by a mother of three kids who makes really great shirts. The quality is top notch and she has all kinds of fun or inspiring messsages. 

Go check out their account and purchase your own fun shirt. Let's support our black brothers and sisters, now and always, and look good at the same time.

#juneteenth #neverforget #amplifymelanatedvoices #blacklivesmatter #fightracism
Did you know that Mantra is a tool for healing the busy, the depressed, the anxious, and the anything mind? 
The vibrations rewire your internal rhythm, Sanskrit Mantras are literal medicine. 

I’ve been theming classes all month on different mantras and it’s really powerful.  Check out the filmed classes in my On Demand Library, and come join us on Thursday for a balancing, harmonizing Pranayama and Meditation practice. 

When we change our inner field, it ripples to our outer field.  This is a tool for helping our world and the people around you. 💕. See my BIO for Link to classes.
Hey LA Yogis! The vibrant @carrieowerko is returning to @yoga_house in Pasadena and this is not to be missed!⠀
Carrie is one of the most creative and innovative yogis around, she will show you new approaches to older poses. She will bring the concept of play into your practice, even when it feels like you are "working." You will laugh and find yourself doing things you never thought possible.⠀
I will be there this weekend and look forward to seeing you, too. Come for just one session if you can't do it all. If you have never worked with Carrie and you have been practicing for quite some time - this is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.⠀
Click on @yoga_house to save your spot.⠀
#yogaworkshop #yogapractice #yogaplay #alwaysastudent #carrieowerko #yogahousepasadena #highlyrecommended #justdoit
Lovely Yogis and Friends,⠀
After two months of moving around, I am now home and have returned to my consistent schedule, Goodness Willing. There are a lot of insights I have gathered from my travels and the time away. I look forward to sharing them with you in the upcoming weeks.⠀
This week's theme is balance and harmony. In the Tantra Flow Yoga classes, we are still working with healing the mind through mantra and will play with a mantra that brings equanimity and resolve. ⠀
In the public classes at Center for Yoga we will explore balance in all aspects of the postures and mental challenges. ⠀
LIie throws us. In fact, it may be the purpose of Life to purposely throw us. So, if you are in the throng of being thrown, there is nothing wrong with you. All aspects of yoga provide tools to help us work through the unfamiliar so that when we are thrown, it's not so shocking. We practice to manage the tough times, not to avoid them.⠀
See you this week in any way that works for you...⠀
See my BIO for easy LInks to both locations....⠀
#yogapractice #findingbalance #equanimity #itsamentalthing #mantra #savesthemind #dontgiveup #tantraflowyoga #seeyouthisweek
Happy Father's Day in Heaven to my Dad, Top Banana, one who claimed he could put on a sweater and solve our personal problems, (ha!) and one who absolutely could solve our homework or medical problems. You are the funniest, smartest, goofiest, and kindest man I knew growing up. I miss you and am so grateful that you were my father. 

Love, Green Jeanne
For anyone who needs to receive this message...
Sending love to all. 💓
Very soon, I will begin three days of teaching about the Subtle Body to devoted yogis in Japan online via Zoom.

As I explain how the Subtle Body fits within the whole big picture, I often refer to the Matryoskha dolls since most people know that there are more dolls within the one that you can see. (We carry more bodies in our being than the one that you can see.)

In that light, here is some fun humor for your Thursday/Japan's Friday. I hope that it brings a smile to your face.

#thursdaysmile #subtlebody #koshas #thereismoretoyouthanyousee #thereismoretoyogathanasana #thisisthemore #tantraflowyoga #japaneseyogis #thebest
This weekend, I have the honor of teaching for Japanese students about the wonderful world of the subtle body from my home via livestream.  There is a translator so students don’t need to know English.  Lots of fun and inspiration are on the menu.  Come join us and tell your Japanese friends!  Repost from @zenplaceyoga_gotanda
Jeanne Heileman(ジーン・ハイルマン)



6月14日(金)  8:00‐13:30
6月15日(土)  8:00‐13:30
6月16日(日)  8:00-13:00

■講師:Jeanne Heileman (通訳:Tomoko.E)


6月12日(水) 15:00
*6月12日までのお申込みで 前日6月13日にメールをお送りします。




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