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If you are looking for advanced teacher trainings that take you beyond the layer of asana, this space is for you. If you are looking to dive deeper into a specific philosophical topic or a nuanced aspect of practice, this space is for you. If you are looking for fun asana classes that weave in subtle aspects of the ancient yoga practice, this space is for you. Together, we will explore the world of yoga while also living in this physical world, using the joys and challenges as opportunities to grow and evolve.

As the Los Angeles-based founder of Tantra Flow Yoga™, a mentor, training and workshop facilitator, and global educator, I bring this knowledge to you, sprinkling joy and humor through the process.

I’m honored to be practicing and teaching on this long path and excited to share the wisdom gained from my many teachers with you.

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Available online & on-demand.  Move your body with wise alignment, creative sequencing, accessing inner energy and connecting to your soul.

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Tantra Flow Yoga™ has 300-hour, 200-hour and 50-hour teacher trainings packed with easy to digest Tantric wisdom.  

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Retreats, workshops, festivals, guest teaching, short-term trainings; offered locally and internationally, created with love and care.

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You are invited to join Jeanne for livestream or on demand classes where she weaves in aspects of the subtle body through a fun flowing experience.


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I have the honor of being interviewed by the lovely @tina_soulsparkcreation this evening at 8:30 pm on IGLive. 

This is in regards the premiere 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training hosted by and @centerforyogala that starts May 3, 2024.  I am honored to be one of the teachers and mentors on the faculty.  We will talk yoga, inspiration, and other fun things.

Pop in to say hi, I think it will be a fun chat.  It will also be recorded so keep an eye on my feed if you want to catch the whole thing later.  #iglive #chitchat #alwayslearningfrompeople #schoolofyoga #centerforyogala #tantraflowyoga
Lovely Yogis and Friends!⠀
This week I return to my full schedule of classes and look forward to seeing you all! (The Power of Pranayama training begun this past week so I was busy teaching the training, swimming deep in Prana, and wishing you were here.)⠀
The week's theme is going to unfold as we go. ⠀
Monday, President's Day, is Gooey Yoga, for sure. ⠀
Tuesday, the livestream class will likely have a pranic theme to support the material that the wonderful students in the training are discovering. ⠀
Thursday, the Pranayama and Meditation will include Bhramari, the humming breath that breaks apart stuff in the mind that drives us crazy, and a Third Eye Pranic cleanser.⠀
The rest of the week will follow that gooey/pranic/feel-good/healing intention. ⠀
Sometimes we show up on our mat to work and grow, getting stronger and more flexible.⠀
Sometimes we show up to be honest with ourselves, taking a hard look at our stuff.⠀
And sometimes, we just move and breathe to flow Prana through the physical and subtle body, as a rinse that clears accumulated stuff. Nothing dramatic, more kindness.⠀
This week, can we raise the dial a notch on kindness for ourselves? Softness is the new strength. It truly does ripple to everyone around us..., so,.... it's not as selfish as it seems..... 🌸⠀
@centerforyogala ⠀
@jeanneheilemanyoga ⠀
See my BIO for easy, direct Links ⠀
#yogathisweek #practiceyoga #gooeyyoga #kindnesforyourself #powerofpranayama #centerforyogala #tantraflowyoga
Huge pranams and and gratitude to @yogawithcarmenguerrero who is assisting me in the Power of Pranayama.  I could not do this alone, there are so many moving parts to a training that is also taking place online. 

Muchas gracias @yogawithcarmenguerrero for your thoughtfulness, and skill that reads my mind before even I do! 

#powerofpranayama #deepenyourconnectiontolifeforce #breathedeep #shiningfromtheinsideout #centerforyogala #tantraflowyoga
One of the gifts I received from studying classical theatre in London, (a gazillion years ago,) was the joy in doing research for a project. In those days I would dive deep into researching a role so that I knew what the world looked like, how people carried themselves, what they were concerned with, what sort of things they looked at, and so much more. This fleshed out my character while I was on stage saying the memorized lines and moving to the choreographed blocking. ⠀
There was a structure. There was also lots and lots of research to make things more real for myself, so that I could make it real for the audience. ⠀
At some point, before I went on stage on Opening Night, I threw it all away, as if I forgot it all. Now, my job was to honestly listen to the other actors and truly become the person I was cast to portray.⠀
My teaching is kinda like that, too. I have been spending over two years gently preparing for The Power of Pranayama. Ever the book-nerd, here is a photo of one part of my desk, with every book that I am leaning on to help formulate this training. I am reading, re-reading, and re-reading again. The manual is now done. The syllabus almost done. And soon, it's time to let it all go and simply look at my students to see what they need. Just as when I was on stage, I will let everything from my brain go and will follow the muse of wisdom that guides me. ⠀
It's so scary. And, if one isn't stepping into fear here and there, one isn't stretching their gifts. ⠀
PS - we still have some space if you want to join us. It's just breathing afterall.... 😉⠀
#powerofpranayama #deepenyourconnectiontolifeforce #booknerd #yoganerd #goodscary#bestwaytobe #centrforyogala #tantraflowyoga ⠀
Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone!

In honor of a day devoted to love, I am giving access to a FREE BREATHING CLASS until February 26.  No strings attached!

Give yourself the nurturing of some deep, fully embodied breaths that heal the body and mind. Your mood will lighten from the increased oxygen levels. Your body will settle from any pain or discomfort. 

If you want to fall in love for Valentine's Day, fall in love with your own heart. The breath will get you there. 💓

FREE 20 Minute Breathing Class
All Levels, Ages, and Body Types Welcome. 
See Link in my BIO. (this offer is good until 2/26/24) 

#breathewithme #freeyogaclass #happyvalentinesday #bemyvalentine #breathewithme #powerofpranayama #deepenyourconnectiontolifeforce #centerforyoga#tantraflowyoga
Instead of measuring how many days you have lived on this planet, (your age,) yogis measure how many breaths you have taken. Upon birth we are provided a specific amount of breaths and when we use them up, it’s time to go. If we extend our breaths, we extend our life.⠀
Just as it is important to take care of the planet's environment, it is vital to take care of your inner environment, the interior of your lungs. ⠀
These are a few reasons why Pranayama is so vital for all beings. ⠀
THE POWER OF PRANAYAMA begins on Friday and we still have some space. Now is the time for deep, expansive breaths, which bring positive change in all aspects of life. ⠀
Feb. 16 - 18 and March 8 - 10 ⠀
with @centerforyogala ⠀
In person or livestream or on demand. ⠀
We are flexible with the format so that you can learn.⠀ ⠀
#pranayama #expandyourlifeforce #livelongandprosper #powerofpranayama #deepenyourconnectiontolifeforce #advanceyourpractice #centerforyogala #tantraflowyoga⠀
Hey Yogis and Lovely Souls,⠀
It's Valentine's Day Week so, of course, we are going to explore backbends. Not because they are heart openers. For some of us, we don't feel like opening our hearts. ⠀
Backbends are heart-fillers, if we approach them properly. We fill our hearts with juicy, delicious, inhales that fill our soul and our cup. This is why we practice. When there is overflow, we are happy to share with others. And until then, we are responsibly selfish to fill our own cup so that we do not expect too much from others. ⠀
The more we become self-reliant, realizing that we have all that we need, the more our heart opens and can see the love from others that was already waiting for us. ⠀
Let's practice, get filled, and share the overflow with the world.⠀
See Links in my BIO for easy access to details....⠀
#happyvalentinesday #fillyourheart #pranaistheway #anahata #yam #powerofprana #deepenyourconnectiontolifeforce#centerforyogala #tantraflowyogala
How we breathe affects the function of all of our organs. It affects the skeletal and muscular system. How we breathe affects our mind's pattern, rhythm and quality of thoughts. ⠀
Basically, how we breathe affects every aspect of our life. If things are not going well, we have the capacity to make adjustments, simply starting with our breath, towards healing.⠀
You will learn about the respiratory system and the nuances in how it works and affects every aspect of the body. Then you move to the pranic layer of the subtle body and its anatomy, learning about Nadis, Pranavayus, Bandhas, and more. ⠀
You will leave with tools to improve your actual breathing function, and tools to increase prana, your Life Force. Both perspectives heal the nervous system, leading you to a calmer, wiser place within, which is priceless.⠀
Deepening Your Connection to Life Force⠀
Feb. 16 - 18 + March 8 - 10, 2024⠀
 at @centerforyogala ⠀
Training is offered in person + livestream + on demand⠀
See my BIO for direct Link....⠀
#pranayama #powerofpranayama #deepenyourconnectiontolifeforce #healyourself #slowdown #wisdom #advanceyourpractice #centerforyogala #tantraflowyoga
"Although it is embarrassing and painful, it is very healing to stop hiding from yourself. It is healing to know all the ways that you’re sneaky, all the ways that you hide out, all the ways that you shut down, deny, close off, criticize people, all your weird little ways. You can know all that with some sense of humor and kindness. By knowing yourself, you’re coming to know humanness altogether. We are all up against these things. We are all in this together. So, when you realize that you’re talking to yourself, label it “thinking” and notice your tone of voice. Let it be compassionate and gentle and humorous. Then you’ll be changing old stuck patterns that are shared by the whole human race. Compassion for others begins with kindness to ourselves."
-  Pema Chodron

The New Moon and Chinese New Year are upon us. Maybe it's a good time for starting something new - like no more hiding from ourselves. - Compassion for others begins with ourselves. 

#pemachodron #saturdayinspiration #stophiding #truthful #compassion #selfacceptance
I offer a clarification on breathing v. Pranayama.  You will learn how to properly do both to thrive in your life in the Power of Pranayama 50-hour YACEP training.  There is still room, come join us. ❤️. (See Link in my BIO)
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