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If you are looking for advanced teacher trainings that take you beyond the layer of asana, this space is for you. If you are looking to dive deeper into a specific philosophical topic or a nuanced aspect of practice, this space is for you. If you are looking for fun asana classes that weave in subtle aspects of the ancient yoga practice, this space is for you. Together, we will explore the world of yoga while also living in this physical world, using the joys and challenges as opportunities to grow and evolve.

As the Los Angeles-based founder of Tantra Flow Yoga™, a mentor, training and workshop facilitator, and global educator, I bring this knowledge to you, sprinkling joy and humor through the process.

I’m honored to be practicing and teaching on this long path and excited to share the wisdom gained from my many teachers with you.

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Available online & on-demand.  Move your body with wise alignment, creative sequencing, accessing inner energy and connecting to your soul.

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Tantra Flow Yoga™ has 300-hour, 200-hour and 50-hour teacher trainings packed with easy to digest Tantric wisdom.  

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Retreats, workshops, festivals, guest teaching, short-term trainings; offered locally and internationally, created with love and care.

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You are invited to join Jeanne for livestream or on demand classes where she weaves in aspects of the subtle body through a fun flowing experience.


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Going on a yoga retreat with me is a lot of fun!⠀
You get to meet new people who become your friends, (many are still friends years later), do lots of yoga, deepen your personal practice if you are interested, eat amazing food that's healthy, bask in nature, learn new ways of living, and laugh a lot. ⠀
The next retreat runs May 12 - 17 and there are a few spaces still open. Flights have not yet risen to the Summer Rates. Come join us in the fun and friendship. We are waiting for you.⠀
Yoga Retreat in Carrapateira, Portugal⠀
with Jeanne and @Shama_yoga_retreats ⠀
May 12 - 17, 2024⠀
See my BIO for easy link and details...⠀
#yogaretreat #retreatwithme #makenewfriends #seetheworld #portugaliscalling #shamayogaretreats #tantraflowyoga #icantwait ⠀
Exciting News! European and French Yogis!⠀
The full weekend that was planned at @yogamoves67 in Strasbourg, France has been simplified to one full day. Come join me for a morning of shoulder opening that takes you into fun Inversions. After a long lunch, join me in the afternoon for some heart-openiing Backbends. ⠀
You will leave the day full of Prana and ready for a fabulous rest of the weekend.⠀
Tell your friends, and come on over on your own. It's going to be fun!⠀
at @yogamoves67 ⠀
Saturday, 27 April, 2024⠀
9:30 - 12:00  Shoulders and Inversions⠀
2:30 - 5:00 pm  Heart-Opening Backbends⠀
See Link in my BIO for easy info⠀
#terminatetenseshoulders #inversion #heartopeners #backbends #playwithprana #yogajourney #yogamovesfr #tantraflowyoga #happinessonastick⠀
Hello. I'd love to introduce you to Shailaputri. ⠀
She is the characteristic of the Divine Mother who brings a sense of grounded stillness mixed with inner softness that allows our thoughts and attachments to flow through us. ⠀
Today is the first day of Navaratri, the nine-nights honoring the Divine Mother, Goddess Durga. Each day celebrates one piece of Her personality. As we focus on pieces of Her, we can begin to feel the whole totality of Her presence around us and within us. ⠀
In today's Navaratri program I taught a short, sweet practice that asked us all to become still, like a mountain. On Day One of Navaratri we begin to move from our old habits to positive qualities that include the awareness of Grace. It is always hard to start something, we have to let something go in order to begin something new. She helps us remain firm in our decision to participate in the whole holiday.⠀
She also reminds us to soften our stillness so that it is not rigid. She comes from a mountain made of a porous stone with water flowing within. So it is solid on the outside, soft on the inside. Can we be strong and steady with our choices while on the inside we connect to our sensitivity and capacity to feel whatever we are feeling?⠀
You can still join us in the Navaratri program, many people are doing the practices via on demand at their convenience. (DM me and I will send link.) And, for today -  look for moments amidst your busy schedule where you can slow down, get still, and feel the things instead of push them aside. Let roots grow from your feet and whole body into the earth to its center. This grounding can help you choose more positive actions and words. In this way, we increase our positive qualities which permits Her to shine through us.⠀
#navaratri #ninenights #shailaputri #dayone #getstill #stayopen #startingsomethingisthehardestpart #tantraflowyoga
Happy New Moon! Happy Solar Eclipse!

Today is a very potent and auspicious time and there is a lot of excitement with the eclipse. Wherever you are, may you be safe and well during this rare event.

This past weekend I taught a Hip Openers for Everyone workshop that I haven't taught in a while. On Monday I'll be flying back to Los Angeles, making my own hips tight from the sitting at the airport and on the plane. So, I'm thinking that some hip openers would be a nice theme for this week. With the excitement of the eclipse and the chaos from the world's events, I am thinking that we could use some grounding. How does this sound?

Come join me live in person, livestream via zoom, or catch recorded classes on demand. 

And come join me this week for Navaratri. It is a perfect way to handle Mercury in Retrograde and auspicious times like this. Best to turn inwards for inner practice and lay low while Nature re-shuffles things for a greater good in the end. We make the ceremony very accessible and flexible for all.

Tantra Flow Yoga
See Links in my BIO for each offering...

#newmoon #solareclipse #mercuryinretrograde #navaratri #excitingtimes #timeforpractice #tantraflowyoga #thereismoretoyogathanasana #weoffermore
Oh wow, what a wonderful weekend!  Thank you Anne for having me teach a weekend of workshops at your lovely studio, @rootedyogasc .  It is a joy to meet you and get to know you.

Thank you to my dear friend @pamela.c.meriwether of @sakhiyogaschool for inviting me to come to South Carolina and spend such quality time together.  Your community is a gorgeous extension of your practice which you embody.

My deepest gratitude to the students who came from far away, and to those who took a risk w a new teacher. I am honored to offer an extension of what Pam already teaches. 

After lots of yoga and laughter, I basked in grits and southern biscuits.  Thanks, y’all! 

#rootesyogasc #yogaworkshops #trynewthings #southerncharm #tantraflowyoga
LOOK who came to my Hip Openers for Everyone workshop at @rootedyogasc !!! The absolutely lovely , Katie Brownfield from the @centerforyogala from the old @yogaworks days!  She drove 3 hours to come see us and I am soooo honored!  Can’t wait to see you tomorrow as well Katie!  Traveling is worth it when you make new friends and connect with old ones.  #myheartisfull
…. seen on a certain refrigerator door… 🌸
Come join @renequenell and I in a flexible approach to honoring a holiday that celebrates a battle over negative forces, which ultimately exist within ourselves. 

As we move through the days we connect to positive forces within us, which are represented by specific deities. The more good one sees within oneself, the more one shines.

Come shine with us!

Honoring the Sacred Season of Navaratri
with Jeanne and @renequenell 
April 9 - 18, 2024
Livestream via Zoom + On Demand 
See BIO for direct Link

#navaratri #ninenights #celebrategoodness #renequenellyoga #tantraflowyoga #springseason
Happy Mercury in Retrograde!⠀
The planet Mercury, which rules communication, travel, technology, and all things that fit within these qualities, moves "backwards" when it is in Retrograde. This means that all of these qualities feel as if they are falling apart. Mistakes and accidents happen, things are misunderstood, travel is delayed, it feels as if everything is impossible to complete or achieve. ⠀
People rarely talk about the GOOD THINGS that are available during this time. It is an excellent time for catching up on unfinished tasks, catching up with old friends (and teachers), slowing down and doing internal work. It is always an excellent time to study, take on a deeper practice, and clean up habits in the mind and behavior. ⠀
I am currently in South Carolina visiting a dear friend, @pamela.c.meriwether , whom I haven't seen in years. This weekend I'll be teaching some workshops at @rootedyogasc , and excellent opportunity for this community to turn towards their practice and deepen it with new insights. And next week I will be leading a nine-day-plus-one-day-of-closing-ceremony Navaratri Holiday that honors different personalities of the Divine Mother with @renequenell .  Navaratri is a 30-minute daily practice (that you can do at your convenience) to increase your relationship with any aspect of the Divine that you relate.⠀
Please join me in either (or both!) events to celebrate a planetary change and/or just for your Self. What else can you do to flow with Mercury in Retrograde season? How can you slow down, catch up on unfinished things and people, and connect to your Truth? When we go with the flow of the planets, then they support us moving forward. It sounds hokey, and it doesn't hurt to give it a try...⠀
See my BIO for Links on these two offerings and more...⠀
#mercuryinretrograde #herewego #thingsfallapart #thingsgetbetter #gowiththeflow #turninwards #sadhana #navaratri #seedivinityeverywhere #tantraflowyoga
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