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If you are looking for advanced teacher trainings that take you beyond the layer of asana, this space is for you. If you are looking to dive deeper into a specific philosophical topic or a nuanced aspect of practice, this space is for you. If you are looking for fun asana classes that weave in subtle aspects of the ancient yoga practice, this space is for you. Together, we will explore the world of yoga while also living in this physical world, using the joys and challenges as opportunities to grow and evolve.

As the Los Angeles-based founder of Tantra Flow Yoga® mentor, training and workshop facilitator, and global educator, I bring this knowledge to you, sprinkling joy and humor through the process.

I’m honored to be practicing and teaching on this long path and excited to share the wisdom gained from my many teachers with you.

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Yoga & Meditation

Available online & on-demand.  Move your body with wise alignment, creative sequencing, accessing inner energy and connecting to your soul.

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Teacher Trainings

Tantra Flow Yoga® has 300-hour, 200-hour and 50-hour teacher trainings packed with easy to digest Tantric wisdom.  

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Upcoming Events

Retreats, workshops, festivals, guest teaching, short-term trainings; offered locally and internationally, created with love and care.

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You are invited to join Jeanne for livestream or on demand classes where she weaves in aspects of the subtle body through a fun flowing experience.


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It is very possible that the upcoming Peeling the Layers of the Chakras is the very thing that will support you through the next six months and onwards through our interesting times. (And I don't mean this arrogantly, I am referring to the material which is extremely powerful and transformative.) ⠀
To know for sure, you need information. We are here to help you. ⠀
The Free Info Session is In person + Livestream + Recorded. So, sign up for the livestream option to receive the recording if needed. No need to change your schedule, we've got you! Or come take my 12:15 pm class right before so that you feel some of the wonder from this work.⠀
Info Session on Friday, 7/12⠀
at @centerforyogala ⠀
1:45 - 2:30⠀
Easy Links are found in my BIO...⠀
#peelingthelayersofthechakras #chakras #subtlebody #tantra #thereismoretoyogathanasana #learningandgrowing #tantraflowyoga #raiseyourvibration
One year ago today, one of my beloved teachers, Sally Kempton, left her body and merged into Pure Bliss. 

I can't believe it's been a whole year since I've heard her live voice, and been guided by her enthusiasm for spiritual growth. Sally made the inquiry into spirituality and the scriptures sound interesting, fun, magical, and meaningful. She never judged. I always felt a compassionate accpetance and encouragement. 

Bless you Sally. I truly miss you and am so very, very grateful for knowing you. You continue to live on through your teachings and graceful Presence.

#sallykempton #oneyearanniversary #blessings #tantraflowyoga
Here is a fun example of how we are affected by the energy in the Root Chakra, Muladhara Chakra.

I’m teaching a 50-hour training that offers a deep dive into the Chakras that will take place in person + livestream + on demand.  This means it works for you no matter where you are.  Let’s harness our energy for personal growth in these interesting times.  You will benefit in so many ways.

Aug. 23 - 25 and Sept. 6 - 8
at Center for Yoga

#peelingthelayersofthechakras #chakras #subtlebody #tantra #tantraflowyoga #raiseyourvibration #backtoschool
Happy Monday Everyone! This upcoming week I am teaching my full schedule, plus, two additional events to offer more information. When you learn more, you gain the wisdom to act wisely. ⠀
This week's theme to keep our cool and manage the Ayurvedic Pitta dosha is: Laterals. How to make space so that you can feel all the feels without being cramped by your body or mind. Some days the expansiveness will be offered to lift you up, some days to ground you. ⠀
There are also two different FREE INFO SESSIONS that are taking place at the end of the week. These are both offered in person and via Zoom, so you can join from the comforts of your home. ⠀
Come to @centerforyogala on Friday to learn about the upcoming 50-hour training, Peeling the Layers of the Chakras, which will be offered livestream and on demand in addition to in person.  Get the details and find out why this training could be for you. ⠀
Come to @centerforyogala on Saturday to join @ashleyrideaux and myself to learn about the upcoming 200-hour teacher training. This is a thorough training that will deepen your practice and prepare you for a teaching journey, if that is interesting to you. You don't have to want to be a teacher to take this, but you do need to have a yoga practice and a curiosity to learn more.⠀
See my BIO for Links to everything, easy to find....⠀
#practiceyoga #yogathisweek #keeppracticing #stayfocused #calmmind #freeinfosession #knowledgeispower #peelingthelayersofthechakras #cfy200hourtt #tantraflowyoga #manageyourpitta⠀
It's always good to have information, then you can make wiser choices.  Come join me this upcoming Friday, for a Free Info Session on the Peeling the Layers of the Chakras. ⠀
You CAN take the training even if you miss a day. You CAN take the training even if you don't live in Los Angeles. You CAN take the training if your budget is tight, come learn about the scholarships that are available. ⠀
Come learn about the course, see a copy of the manual, and get inspired.⠀
Peeling the Layers of the Chakras⠀
Friday, 7/12 from 1:45 pm - 2:30 pm⠀
at @centerforyogala ⠀
In person - come take my 12:15 pm class prior for added fun!⠀
Livestream - get the link and we will see you!⠀
Links to Join:  See my BIO for easy access⠀
#freeinfosession #getinformed #knowledgeispower #peelingthelayersofthechakras #thisistantra #subtlebody #tantraflowyoga #deepenyourpractice #raiseyourvibration
The calm before the storm….

Happy Fourth of July to everyone! Fireworks are percolating over here in LA, (have been for weeks) and it’s probably gonna be a loud, long night.  Times like these, you don’t fight it but find ways to ride w the waves. 

I’m sending wishes that everyone has a safe, harmless, and kind evening.  Don’t forget to breathe deep - carefully. (Studies found that this evening will have the worst air quality of the year due to the amount of stuff emitted in the sky - be careful.)

Love and Freedom for ALL,
Aunt Jeanne
 #freedom #moksha #itsallinthemind #ahimsa #summerfun #tantraflowyoga
Hey Yogis and Friends!⠀
With the Fourth of July Holiday upon us, if you are traveling or too busy to take a whole yoga class, try out the new Quickie, "Short Core in Shorts." ⠀
We play with gravity using blankets/towels to equally address the lower and upper abdominals which elongating the back body. It's only 20 minutes long, leaving you feeling strong and vibrant. ✨⠀
Short Core in Shorts⠀
@jeanneheilemanyoga ⠀
See my BIO for easy Link⠀
#core #tantriccore #shortcoreinshorts #fullnavasana #summerfun #tantraflowyoga #quickie⠀
Come join me in a 50-Hour training that covers the sexy external aspects of a Chakra and the subtle ancient wisdom so you can use both perspectives for a whole picture. The deeper you dive within to understand your Self, the deeper you can understand the world around you. 

Aug. 23-26 and Sept. 6-8, 2024
Live in person + livestream + on demand.
See my BIO for more details. 
DM me w any questions.
It's gonna get hot this week, and I'm not just talking about the weather. As heat increases, it increases the Ayurvedic Pitta dosha within beings. When our Pitta rises, we get headaches, experience added stress, are easy to anger and can lose our temper, and discord can follow in so many ways. ⠀
One of the things that Pitta needs is space. ⠀
This week the theme for my classes is on pausing. As we pause, either between movements, between breaths, between thoughts - the desire is to become more present. As our ability to be present increases, we see more. We are drawn within. The result is an atmosphere of Pratyahara, of turning inwards away from the heat and the noise. This helps you stay calm and cool. ⠀
Come see me in person at @centerforyoga . I'm also subbing for the lovely @joekarayoga on Sunday. ⠀
Come see me online or on demand via Tantra Flow Yoga where we dive into the esoteric aspects even further.⠀
(See my BIO for easy Links to both.)⠀
No matter the heat nor excitement of summer, tend to your yoga and meditation practice, and it will tend to you.⠀
#yogapractice #losangelesyoga #weeklyschedule #pause #pratyahara #bepresent #staycool #tantraflowyoga #youvegotthis⠀
📷: @robertsturman ⠀
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