Yoga Classes for All Levels & Schedules

There is more than one way to practice yoga. Follow what feels right for you.

As the world and technology keeps changing, I am grateful to participate in a variety of methods to share my teachings with you.  You can join classes live, at your own home or in-person, and on- demand to fit your schedule. We also have classes via membership platforms, and some with no movement at all for juicy, inspiring philosophy.

The “who” that you are after a practice is closer to the “who” you are meant to be, compared to the “who” you were when you walked into the room. This is the gift of yoga. All of my offerings have this intention as the end goal. I strive for you to realize your Higher Essence and remember that there is more to life than what  you see and think.

See you on the mat.

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Tantra Flow Yoga™

All Levels

Tantra Flow Yoga™ works with the physical and the energetic body at the same time in these classes, so be prepared for different ways of breathing, unique focus techniques for the mind, and some poses that you may not see in a public yoga class.

Each session opens with a customized Pranayama practice that supports the chosen theme. Borrowing from a variety of sequencing modalities we will move towards a specific energetic result. A guided Savasana and meditation follow each class to complete the energetic intent of the theme. The goal is to feel more whole, to embody all aspects of your being, and to know your Truth, by the end.

These classes are more than an exercise class, they embody the whole aspect of yoga through the physical, pranic, and mental levels. It is recommended that students have a base of experience with regular asana before embarking on this approach.

Learn more about Tantra Flow Yoga

Tuesdays 10:00am – 11:15am PST


Library of Classes

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Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Variety of Levels

Greater attention in these classes is focused on the alignment and play through Asana, usually following a specific theme. Borrowing from 30-plus years of practicing with master teachers, you will be guided through intelligent, creative sequencing.

This is not always a “normal” flow class.  We will break out of the box wisely.  Each class often opens with a short Pranayama practice that prepares us for movement. Tantric elements will be woven in secretly as we work on a specific pose or actions throughout the class.

Our main goal is to move, breathe, play and explore space with our bodies.

Tues, Thurs 6:00pm – 7:15pm PST – Level 2

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Jeanne Heileman chin mudra mala beads yoga meditation

Pranayama & Meditation

All Levels

Sessions open with some simple movements to prepare for Pranayama. A variety of different Pranayama practices are offered that lead to a specific concentration technique.

I draw from years of studying Buddhist and Tantric meditation modalities and use one per class to take you even deeper inwards.  At some point, we reach a place of silence for you to truly feel the experience of connecting to your heart and soul.

Taking time to meditate helps one see the world with a wider perspective, which makes it easier to live in the constant changes.

Check back for new classes or sign up to get the latest news!

Food for the soul class vimeo introduction with Jeanne Heileman

Food For the Soul

Yoga Philosophy

Sometimes the body doesn’t need to do any more movement, but the soul is hungry for meaning as we maneuver through these interesting times.

Food For The Soul is an online course series that focuses on a specific yoga scripture with the intention to use its messages for helpful perspectives in our current times. The program started out with sessions on the Bhagavad Gita.  In time, it will grow to include other scriptures.

Each session includes my animated, fun delivery of material with shared readings, chewing on the messages to apply to our own lives, and questions from students.  This is offered to bring some inspiration to your practice and meaning for your mind & heart.

7 Classes | 1.5 Hours Each

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At Your Pace On-line Classes

All levels – Vinyasa, Therapy, Meditation, and more

There are other great opportunities to deepen your yoga practice at your own pace.

  • Yoga International
    There are over 20 yoga classes and one amazing course about the Subtle Body available to experience on their platform. You have the option to join for an extended period of time for FREE. You can cancel at any time.

Via Yoga International Membership

  • The School of Yoga
    It is an honor to join esteemed faculty members on this school’s platform. Current offerings include Yoga & Ayurveda, a 20-hour course, and Bhagavad Gita studies.

Via The School of Yoga Course Bundles

Private Sessions & Mentorship

All Levels

In order to address unique personal needs, I am available to meet with students for private sessions and mentorships.  All private instruction is presently being done virtually only.

Some reasons for a private session include:

  • Yoga Teacher:  Improve teaching skills including sequencing, instruction, how to see students, mental approach, marketing, and business organization
  • Yoga Teacher & Yogi: Develop a personal home practice that suits your needs physically, mentally, and spiritually. This includes Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation
  • All Yogis:  Learn modifications for your practice to best work with physical aches, pains, or limitations and help bring more ease and relief to your body
  • All Yogis:  Help you sort through your life to find your direction and work through obstacles that stand in your way.  Tools of Ayurveda, finding your purpose, specific practices, and lifestyle adjustments are some aspects that may be used.

Via Zoom or In-Person (TBD pending Covid-19 guidelines)

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