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Peeling the Layers of the CHAKRAS

A 50-Hour Training
August 23 – 25 and September 6 – 8, 2024
In-person at Center for Yoga LA,
Live via Zoom and On-demand
Early Bird Discount deadline: July 19, 2024

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One of the greatest gifts a person can give themselves is the time and space devoted to learning, growing, and expanding in life.

I love teaching teacher trainings because they are never just about asana. Studying yoga in order to teach it is studying life. 

The deeper one studies, the deeper one is looking at all aspects of themselves. I love helping students make these inner discoveries and seeing how it improves their life as a whole.

Taking a yoga teacher training is the next step for students who want to become a teacher and share their passion. It is also a perfect next step for non-teachers who want to learn more about yoga and understand the philosophy and spirituality behind the poses. 

Your practice will improve significantly. What you don’t know is that a yoga teacher training becomes a positive life-changing experience.  It fills the gap and helps students realize the magic that exists behind this beautiful practice.  

If you want to:

  • Refine your alignment and grow your asana practice;
  • Deepen your awareness to the subtle energy alive underneath the postures;
  • Learn and develop skills in the other limbs following Asana;
  • Manage your energy so that you are not dependent on others for your happiness;
  • Increase the tools in your teaching toolbox and expand your career;
  • Advance your practice inwardly towards a state of grace and calm

These trainings are for you!