Why Study the Subtle Body?

Master Training in Subtle Body – 50-Hour

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The Subtle Body is so delicate and complex, it requires time, patience and sensitivity to access. It is not just the Chakras. It also includes additional Pranic elements, the mind and the wisdom underneath the busy thoughts.

Understanding the composition of the Subtle Body and accessing these inner layers deepens your yoga practice, broadens your power, and enhances your tranquility.

There is more to you than what you see.  When we include attention to the Subtle Body in our asana practice it maximizes our energy and potential.

This course is designed for yoga teachers and devoted practitioners who are ready to advance their practice and journey through the vast universe that dwells within.  The 50-hour training is comprised of two parts; Shakti (your pranic layer) and Buddhi (your mental and subconscious layers.)  Upon completion, students are eligible to receive continuing educational credits from Yoga Alliance.

Module 1: Shakti;

A Yogi is One Who’s Spine is Full of Energy

The Hatha Yoga Pradipika explains that to control your mind, you must control your breath. Once we are able to manage the breath, then we can use it as a tool for greater transformation. This level focuses on the many aspects of the Pranic Life-Force in the body.

Students will leave the 3 days with the following:

  • Comprehensive understanding of the Subtle Body in relation to the Gross and Causal Bodies of a being;
  • Experience with all five of the Pranavayus and techniques to strengthen each Vayu for optimal health and function of the student;
  • Ability to perceive a weaker Pranic energy in a student with the tools to bring balance for the client;
  • In-depth application of the Nadis and how they can affect one’s Asana, Pranayama and concentration.
  • Proficiency in sequencing a Pranayama home practice that uses a sound, safe method of gradual development;
  • Skill in establishing a personal Pranayama practice with a variety of methods of application, honoring risks and benefits.
  • Active experience of the Bandhas to access these important locks in a variety of perspectives to fully comprehend their value. Students will learn the purpose for each and poses that enable effective activation;
  • Systematic knowledge of the Chakras with safe procedures that access their qualities and feel their energy;
  • Clarity of the role Kundalini plays in yoga with safe practices to sample the potency;
  • Advanced sequencing techniques using Subtle Body information woven into a regular asana practice to increase a teacher’s resources for their career.
Jeanne on the beacjh in meditation understanding the Subtle Body
back bend as part of the subtle body training pose

Module 2: Buddhi;

I Am Not My Thoughts, I Am THAT Which Observes Those Thoughts

Thoughts are forms of vibrations that affect our breath, rippling into our body’s condition, manifesting through our words and actions. Managing thoughts is one of the most difficult forms of practice.

This is also the most powerful aspect of practice because it can change one’s life. Instead of stopping a thought, Tantrics believe in the art of re-formatting thoughts to different vibrations for transformation. This module introduces the student to the Lower and Higher Mind’s vibrations, offering techniques to harness the energy for greater good.

Students will leave the 3 days with the following:

  • Discriminative skills to view the specific anatomy of the mind and the skill to detect the most negative piece;
  • Tools to dismantle the mind’s negative behavior, allowing space for internal examination;
  • Strong skills of Concentration, (Dharana) with a variety of exercises to maintain one-pointed command;
  • Experience with Mantra as a powerful healer and tool for concentration;
  • Introduction to a variety of Mantras and the different methods of practice to suit the student’s needs;
  • Comprehension and experience with ancient, Tantric Mudras, not available in public classes;
  • Introduction to the rarely-taught Maha Mudra, a Tantric advanced practice that burns our past karmas and ignites the dormant power dwelling within each of us;
  • Experience with Tantric Kriyas, techniques that blend asana, breath, visualization and mudra to open energy along the central channel;
  • Access to the subtlest layer, the Wisdom Layer, through Yoga Nidra. Known as a powerful Tantric practice, it brings healing and answers to life’s questions for the student;
  • A tool-kit of meditation techniques, including Prana Dharana. This is a Tantric practice that harnesses energy into a force of meditative focus that leads to healing and creation.

Stay Tuned for the Next Scheduled Course – 2025