Jeanne Heileman LA Yoga teacher - Lotus Pose

Los Angeles, CA Workshop Series 2013 – Subtle Body

Now that you have a good understanding of alignment, asana, and sequencing, learn how to engage the Subtle Body in your yoga practice and teaching.

SHAKTI! Level 1 – 16 hours (2 weekends)

In SHAKTI! (Creative Life Force) Level 1 Master Training, you will gain deeper understanding of the many aspects of the Subtle Body so that you can incorporate this wisdom and specific techniques into your teaching and practice, including:

  • the Koshas – the five layers of the body
  • the Five Vayus- different regions in the body where breath travels
  • the Bandhas – methods of locking and containing life force in the body
  • the Nadis – subtle flows of vibration circulating through the body
  • Pranayama – breathing practices to increase life force
  • Laya Yoga – using the Chakras and Kriyas to dissolve negative patterns and energies
  • Kundalini Yoga

This training is suitable for teachers and serious practitioners.

Dates. Two identical trainings cover Level One material. Choose the training at the location best suited for you.

At Center for Yoga: January 4-5 and January 11-12
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YogaWorks/Center for Yoga
230 N. Larchmont Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90004
YogaWorks/Larchmont website

At YogaWorks South Bay: April 13-14 and April 20-21
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YogaWorks/South Bay
740 Allied Way
El Segundo, CA 90245
YogaWorks/South Bay website

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BUDDHI Level 2 – 32 hours (4 weekends)

In the BUDDHI (higher intelligence) Level 2 Master Training, you will move into the deeper layers of the Subtle Body by learning how to take your Meditation into whole new realms, improving your practice and teaching. More specifically, you will explore:

  • Mantra and learning the how and why effects, all of which bring positivity through vibrations
  • Kriyas as a form of changing energy and thought to access higher realms of awareness in preparation for meditation
  • Tantric practices to harness energy for healing and creation
  • Maha Mudra to burn past karmas and ignite inner power

Prerequisite: Completion of Subtle Body Master Training Level 1, SHAKTI!


Dates. Four weekend training series

At YogaWorks/Tarzana: October 5-6, October 19-20, December 7-8, December 14-15
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18700 Ventura Boulevard, 2nd Floor
Tarzana, CA 91356