Stockholm, Sweden Workshop Series 2013
Tantra, Yoga, and the Chakras

This two-day workshop is a unique opportunity to practice in Sweden with guest teacher Jeanne Heileman.

Day 1 – May 18th, 2013

Focus on Chakras #1-3, for that is where most of our awareness resides and where most of us are stuck. Students will be lead through a strong asana practice focusing on standing poses, hip openers and core strengthening. They will be introduced to Bandha work (energy locks), Pranavayus (energy channels), Pranayama (breathing techniques) and will end in a Tantric meditation. A handout will be offered summarizing the material.

The Five Pranas

When we think of breathing, we think of just inhaling and exhaling. And when a yoga class gets challenging, we often forget to do both! Breathing is the most important aspect in a yoga practice and can significantly transform a student’s progress.

In the Yogic perspective, there are five specific pathways of breathing and they can either help a pose or negatively affect a pose. In this workshop we will learn all five directions, discover where each of us is deficient, and understand how they affect us on a mental, emotional and physical level. We will then do a practice using these pathways followed by a meditation to set the energy we’ve cultivated. You will leave with new tools to apply to your practice and to your life, expanding beyond your limitations. Your yoga will progress to a new, rewarding level.

Day 2 – May 19th, 2013

Touches on Part 2 and then proceeds to Chakras #4-7, the more subtle planes of awareness. Students will move through a practice focusing on backbends and inversions. In addition to the earlier techniques mentioned, Mantra (chanting) and Mudra (energy seals) will be introduced. We will again end with Pranayama and a different Tantric mediation.

Pratyahara; The Art of Pranayama Into Meditation

Sitting down to meditation is really, really hard for most of us. One of the reasons we struggle is that the outside world is so convincing that it’s hard to leave it behind, even for a little bit. As a result, our mind races in all directions. You will learn breathing techniques to change the way your mind is operating and expand your inner energy. These techniques will bring a relaxed and wise perspective. You will then be guided into a lovely meditation that helps illume the intelligence and love that dwells within you.

This is the true essence of all methods of yoga – to still the mind so that we can see our Highest Self. The more we practice with this intention, the less the outer world can throw us off balance. You will be given a handout on the meditation so that you can continue the practice on your own.

All workshops at:

Urban Om
Wallingatan 20-22
Stockholm, Sweden