Urdvha Dhanurasana upward bow yoga pose

Tantra is a Sanskrit term made of the words TANOTI and TRAYATI.  Tanoti means “to extend or expand, to stretch;” and Trayati means “to free or liberate”.  Therefore, Tantra is defined as “the means to expand one’s experience and comprehension beyond the material in order to attain Self liberation or realization.”

Tantra is also defined as “a tool or technique”.  Tantra is the box of techniques that are used to accelerate one towards Self Liberation or Realization.  Basically, one becomes much more powerful on the mental level, the physical level, the energetic level and even deeper. These techniques include hatha yoga, pranayama, mudras, chakras, rituals, Kundalini yoga, nada yoga, mantra, yantra, mandala, astrology, and hundreds of esoteric techniques for accessing worldly and spiritual prosperity.
In essence, Tantra is used to reweave the fabric of the spiritual and the material world. Tantra embraces both, believing that the external world is a direct reflection of our own internal world, (mind, emotions, health, etc. etc.) If our life is not going well on the outside, Tantrics believe that we must look to our internal world for changes. Using any of the techniques listed above, and others, one can improve the temperature of the internal climate. This then ripples to the outer world and can affect others around us. It can lead to changing our life, for the better.

What Is Tantra Flow Yoga?

Tantra Flow is Flow Yoga that uses the poses/asanas as a tool to change the energy of the students, moving them closer to what they need and further away from imbalance. Thus, sometimes classes are focused on moving in one direction, eliminating other directions to allow a deepened effect. The class always ends in a balanced state.

Tantra Flow uses the knowledge of Ayurveda to develop a practice that is suitable to the students at that time of the day, season, region, and in alignment with the majority dosha (constitution) group. The exact same class is not taught at any time of the day, year or region. It all matters.

Tantra Flow uses the breath through a variety of methods as a tool to help improve poses and to heighten the experience of the poses. One doesn’t just “breathe” randomly, but breathe in a specific direction or method that will change the students’ energy. There are many different ways to approach breathing in yoga. By using a specific technique, the student gets much more out of a practice.

Yoganidrasana yoga pose pratyahara meditationTantra Flow uses the mind as a tool in the yoga practice. The ancient Yogi’s believed that when we control the subtle forces, we also learn to control the mind. Some options include visualization, courageously inviting the negativity that dwells underneath us to come to the surface, and the use of mantra and the vibrations that change the pattern of one’s thought process. One learns to welcome the activity in the mind instead of shame it, and turn any negativity into positivity.

The thing that makes a Tantra Flow class unique is that while you are moving your body through yoga asanas there is an added focus on the energy in the poses. In Tantra this energy is called Shakti, known as Creative Life Force. The Tantrics’ experiences led them to realize that the more in touch with this Life Force they were, the more magical and sacred life was, and the more capable, as individuals, they became. Tantra Flow Yoga’s intention is to remove the darkness and access the bright energy of students to a greater, heightened status. When the energy is raised, there is a greater potential for students to access their True Essence, their True Self. This is the whole point of yoga, to access something that is greater than our thoughts.

Tantra Flow Yoga in its ultimate expression is more that just doing poses until you sweat and collapse onto the couch afterwards. It is a way of reaching an awareness of the Eternal within each of us, which allows us to feel a little bit of Heaven on Earth, regardless of our circumstances.

In addition, it feels really, really amazing!