“The Light within me sees and acknowledges the Light within you.”

This Sanskrit word us used at the end of many yoga classes, kinda like an “Amen” used in Christian services. We say it and then we get in our cars and start grumbling about our life, annoyed at our job and other possible circumstances. What if we actually lived it? What if, when encountering someone who has an opposing political perspective, instead of shunning and un-friending them, we used this term as a prayer and saw their Light instead of their “ignorance?” What if we do it, even if they don’t do it back to us?

As we enter the holiday season filled with family members who can push our buttons, as we either like or dislike the unfolding political scenario in our own country, and as we see the rapid changes in the world, I suggest the use of this word as a living prayer.

It can’t be successful unless you actually connect to your own inner Light and honor it. In fact, I will attest, the more you connect to your Light, you will feel less pricked by those who annoy you. You will also start to get drops of wisdom on how to solve something. Your light will overcome their darkness. (I know I sound hokey, but ancient scriptures support me on this, just using bigger words.) The more we connect to our Light, the more capable we are able to conquer fear. Fear is not stronger than Love, it just manages to be louder so it gets more attention. Stop the nonsense and live the prayer, live the term. Talk is nice, but let’s continue walking the talk.

From my Light, I sincerely honor every One,