Hip Openers for Everyone

Location: Solvang, CA
Date: Saturday, March 22, 2014
Time: 1:00 – 4:00 pm

Most of us are sitting or standing for the greater part of the day and our hips bear the result: tense and tight. We also tend to hold a lot of mental and emotional stress in the hips, which increases the stiffness. This workshop will focus on opening the hips significantly.

We will briefly review how the hips function and learn about the different muscle groups and their direction of movement. We will also bring consideration to the Chakras (energy centers) involved in this area and the emotional qualities that may be blocked due to correlating tightness. With this information we will first flow in a practice to heat the muscles and joints. And then we will move slowly, gradually and deeply into the hips and adjoining muscles from different directions. Be prepared to move. And, be prepared for some long holds in poses as we allow a true stretch that permits any suppressed mental/emotional garbage to be released from the body. Lastly, be prepared to experience more space, freedom and happiness in the body, and quite likely, more of the same in the mind!

Some yoga experience and familiarity with general poses is required.

For more information visit, Bloom Yoga.