EXPRESS YOURSELF! Playing With Arm Balances and Inversions

Date: March 18, 2017
Location: Earth Yoga, Palma, Majorca, Spain
Address: 34 Carrier Despuig, Santa Catalina, 07013

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Event Details

Our limitations begin in the mind and ripple into the body. By moving upside down in poses, it begins to shatter the limitations and we begin to become lighter, seeing new possibilities and joy. When we rely on our arms and upper back to hold us, we increase our ability to rise above difficulty, cultivating confidence and joy. In this Master Class we will begin with a Flow practice attending to the shoulders and torso, opening and strengthening both regions of the body. We will then gradually, as if you didn’t notice it, move towards simple variations of Arm Balances and Inversions. As the students unfold, more challenging postures may be offered.

While working with this focus, students will be taught the features of the 3rd and 5th Chakras, connecting to an internal willpower filled with determination and courage, and the ease to express oneself from that internal wisdom. Pranayama, Mantra, Chakra work and mental concentration will be included to help the student find expression in the postures from their very source.

Students should have at least one year of steady yoga practice to attend. If you are not currently inverting you are still welcome to attend and will receive alternative postures.

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