Jeanne’s classes are multi-faceted and fun! They offer an opportunity to work deep and strong on a physical level, while combining a spiritual/mental practice. She brings enthusiasm, joy, delight, a sense of humor, energy, passion and playfulness in all yoga experiences. Poses are used to search for love within, to chip away misperception and help students find peace.

YogaWorks, Center for Yoga
230 1/2 N Larchmont Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90004
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YogaWorks, Pasadena
277 West Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91105
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YogaWorks, Los Feliz
5531 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90028
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Individual private sessions are also available. Please contact Jeanne for more information.


“The practice of yoga can bring a sense of peace and a feeling of joy from deep within that reveals to us who we are meant to be. That, in addition to a fun workout for the body, is why we do yoga!”

– Jeanne Heileman


What students say about Jeanne’s classes….

Jeanne has a lovely way. She helped me find my body and inspires me to seek my spirit.
Michael Peyser
Jeanne can get you through to your true self just by helping you see your own body from the inside out.  With her encouragement toward conscious work, perhaps after prompting a little tear, her words make so much sense because they speak to your deepest self.
Michelle Patti
Jeanne is one of the most meticulous and thoughtful teachers I know.  Her classes are challenging because she demands that her students learn the poses in a way that will keep their bodies safe and healthy. Since she has been practicing herself for many years, her knowledge and understanding of yoga are deep. As a result, she imbues her classes with yoga philosophy as well as a warm, fun nature. I recommend her classes to anyone who wants a real understanding of yoga and a way to deepen their practice.
Diana Buckhantz
Jeanne is a generous, passionate person and a wonderful yoga instructor. Her knowledge of the yoga asanas and her ability to teach them is exacting. However, it is all the deeper parts of yoga that Jeanne brings to class that make her extra special. In the midst of a very strong workout, Jeanne addresses the whole person: the subtle body, direction of breath, intention, visualization, a bit of mantra and more. Her classes often are sequenced and guided to achieve a particular effect, right when that effect is needed. You leave feeling incredibly centered and balanced.
Gwen Yeager
Jeanne is not what I would describe as your conventional Yoga Teacher and for this reason is why I sought her out as my mentor.  Traditional wisdom would have us think that a Yoga teacher should be teaching us to quell our anxiety and fears.  I did not want to retreat into my comfort zone. I wanted my practice and Self to go beyond what I know as truth and that which I am already comfortable.  Jeanne lovingly guides you to search outside your boundaries to develop, grow and heal.  I willingly accept the path of yielding and growth that Jeanne offers as opposed to one of static development and knowing.  I know I am physically and spiritually stronger, braver and more capable of meeting any challenge in my life as a result of Jeanne's guidance.
Terry Finestein
I had the pleasure of being one of her students in a Hip Openers workshop at Yoga House in Pasadena.  In a very packed room, I am sure that I was the least flexible person there, but thanks to her support (and a few adjustments in my poses), I never felt out of place.  It was a wonderful experience and I walked out of the class feeling both flexible and tranquil.
Sandra Harris