Tantra Flow Yoga 300 Hour Teacher Training Part One

Dates: March 20 – 31, 2017
Location: Earth Yoga, Palma, Majorca, Spain
Address: 34 Carrier Despuig, Santa Catalina, 07013
Cost: 1200 before January 20, 2017 / 1450 after January 20, 2017

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Event Details

According to the yogic perspective, a human body is broken into five layers, known in Sanskrit as Koshas. The body that we see and use in most yoga practices is called the Annamaya Kosha, the physical body, consisting of bones, muscles, nerves, organs, fluids, etc. etc. Basically anything that is tangible, which can be seen and touched, operates on this level. A good 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training teaches the yoga poses using this focus to keep the students safe as the new teacher develops his/her skill in seeing their students. A good yoga class focuses on the alignment and energetics from this level.

When you want more from your yoga practice and teaching – then it’s time for the 500 Hour Master Training.

In the Tantra Flow Yoga 500 Hour Master Training, the new and/or experienced teacher will now learn about the layers underneath the physical layer. One moves from yoga as exercise to yoga as means to access your highest potential, in all aspects of your life. When one practices and teaches using knowledge and tools from these deeper layers, the yoga practice becomes more advanced and powerful for the student, as well as the teacher. It is now when the practice truly becomes transformational.

This teacher training is broken into three parts, addressing the three inner Koshas. When one is able to practice with all of these pieces, then the last Kosha, which is connected to our soul, begins to become available.

Level One – Pranamaya Kosha

This 100-hour module introduces the student to the Pranic Body, sometimes referred to as the Energy Body. Students will learn:

  • This layer focuses extensively on the sequencing, instructing and giving adjustments for Laterals, Backbends and Forward Folds. Students will be practicing these categories of poses using material that they learn in this level.
  • The anatomy of respiration and how to improve our breathing for physical and mental health;
  • A variety of Pranayama Techniques from the Himalayan Masters and how to teach them to a class;
  • The Pranavayus and how they work in our body to help or hinder a pose;
  • The definition of the Bandhas, how to use them and how to teach them;
  • The Nadis, currents of energy that run throughout the body and affect our left and right brain and equilibrium;
  • The Chakras, wheels of energy that dwell along our spine, which lead to ease or limitations in our daily life;
  • How the energy of each Chakra affects different poses and information on helping students who are experiencing limitations;
  • Practice teaching to improve a teacher’s skill in communication;
  • Creating wise sequencing that keeps the student safe while also interested;
  • Effective hands on adjustments;
  • Constant valuable feedback from the instructor.

Who is Eligible for the Training:

  • Yoga teachers who have completed a 200 Hour Teacher Training and are ready to learn more about the practice and teaching of yoga
  • Yoga teachers who have completed a 500 Hour Training that has not focused significantly on the inner layers of the practice, or who just want to learn more
  • Devoted yoga students who are not teachers but desire to learn more about their own practice

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