Tantra Flow Yoga 300 hour Teacher Training: Part 2

Venue: Earth Yoga, Santa Catalina
Location: Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Date: June 1-June 12, 2015
Time: 9:30am-5:30pm (1hr break)

Event Details

This is Part Two (100hrs) of Jeanne’s Tantra Flow Yoga 300 hour Teacher Training.
Prerequisites: teachers and long time practitioner who want to learn more about their own practice. You do not have to have completed Part One of Jeanne’s training to register for Part Two.

Part Two – Manomaya Kosha

This 100-hour module now takes the student to the middle layer of a being, the mind. The student will learn about the different aspects of the mind and how to separate these so that one begins to develop power over the mind. This layer focuses extensively on the sequencing, instructing and giving adjustments for Core Practices, Inversions and Twists. Ample time is directed towards practice teaching, hands on adjustments and sequencing. The practice of Meditation is developed at this level, including the use of Mantra and other concentration techniques.

This 100-hour module introduces the student to the Mental Body, focusing on Dharana, the skill of concentration. The ability to have a sharp, unbroken concentration is necessary for meditation and higher levels of practice.

Students will learn:

  • This layer focuses extensively on the sequencing, anatomy and practice of the following three types of asanas: Inversions, Twists and Core Practices.
  • The Anatomy of the Mind and how each part plays its role in trying to control us;
  • A variety of Concentration Techniques from the Himalayan Masters and how to teach them to a class;
  • The power of Mantra and how a practice with the right mantra can be the exact medicine for a student;
  • Tantric Kriyas that not only prepare a student for meditation, but change the inner field of the student with lasting positive results.
  • Vichara, the ancient technique of inner cleansing for a yogi’s mind, tracing the negativity to its source and addressing the very origin of that negativity.
  • Continued study of Pranayama practices from Part One;
  • Practice teaching to improve a teacher’s skill in communication;
  • Creating wise sequencing that keeps the student safe while also interested;
  • Effective hands on adjustments;
  • Constant valuable feedback from the instructor.

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