Master Training in Subtle Body:
A Tantric Journey to the Inner Layers of Yoga

PART ONE: SHAKTI! – August 3-5, 2018
PART TWO: BUDDHI – November 16-18, 2018
Location: Yoga House, Pasadena, CA
Address: 11 West State Street, Pasadena, CA 91105
Times: 12:00PM-7:00PM
*50-Hours of continuing education

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Event Details

Just as the body has to be soothed to work with the poses, the inner layers need to be soothed to work with what’s underneath. Only when the activities of the mind are tranquil can we start to move through the gateway towards the soul.

The body is a materialization of what’s happening on an energetic and mental level.

This is a Training in the Subtle Realm of Yoga which includes the Pranic Life-Force Body, the Mental Layer’s vibrations that affect how the rest of the body operates, and Buddhi, the higher intelligence within each of us.

This training is for Yoga Teachers and Devoted Yogis who are looking to take their practice to the next level. Students should have steady asana experience that permits them to turn their attention away from general alignment and towards inner transformation.


A Yogi is One Who’s Spine is Full of Energy

The Hatha Yoga Pradipika explains that to control your mind, you must control your breath. Once we control the breath, then we can use it as a tool for greater transformation. This level focuses on the many aspects of the Pranic Life-Force in the body. Topics that will be included include:

  • In-depth study and application of the Nadis and how they can affect one’s Asana, Pranayama and concentration. Introduction to the concept of Swara Yoga.Thorough exploration of the Prana Vayus and how to use the different Vayus to improve a pose or a health limitation. Students will learn how to diagnose weaknesses to improve the effectiveness of their teaching.
  • Introduction to a variety of Pranayama practices including their benefits, risks and methods of application. Specific Pranayamas from the teachers in the Himalayan Mountains will be included.
  • Detailed explanation of the Bandhas and how to access these important locks with ease. Students will learn the purpose for each and poses that allow them to awaken.
  • Systematic introduction to the Chakras and the Asana and sequencing to access their qualities. Introduction to Kundalini and the purpose for activation.
  • Gain knowledge of Tantric Kriyas, techniques that blend asana, breath, visualization and mudra to begin opening energy along the central channel.


I Am Not My Thoughts, I Am THAT Which Observes Those Thoughts

Thoughts are forms of vibrations that affect our breath, rippling into our body’s condition, our words and our actions. All of this affects our destiny. Controlling thoughts is one of the most difficult forms of practice and also, the most powerful. Tantrics believe in using thoughts as a vehicle for
higher transformation. This training will teach the Yogi to:

  • Learn the anatomy of the mind and how to dissect thoughts, establishing control over your mind and emotions.
  • Work with Mantra as a form of Praktipaksha Bhavanam, bringing positivity through vibrations;
  • Work with Kriyas as a form of changing energy and thought to access higher realms of awareness;
  • Practice the art of Prana Dharana, a Tantric practice of harnessing energy into a force of focus that can eventually lead to healing and creation;
  • Learn the power of Maha Mudra as a practice that burns our past karmas and lights up the dormant power dwelling within each of us.

PART ONE: SHAKTI! – August 3-5, 2018
PART TWO: BUDDHI – November 16-18, 2018

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* In order to receive the 50 hours of CEP through Yoga Alliance, student must attend all sessions in – Part One and Part Two  – and complete the homework piece by a specific date.