11 Days of Wonder: A Digital Soul Journey Experience

An 11 Day Soul Journey themed around WONDER happening on What’s App from Nov 1-11, 2020

Hosted by SoulJour
Dates: November 1-11, 2021
Recorded Message, Meditation & Journal Exercise Delivered Daily via What’s App

Event Details

Have you ever wondered?

  • How to gracefully transcend the daunting challenges of 2020?
  • How to unlock the doors to our greatest potential?
  • How to manifest the life we were born to live?

Now more than ever we are being called to wonder. In this deep dive exploration of our November theme “Wonder” we will explore the feeling when the mind lets go and the heart takes over. We will look at how the feeling of wonder has the power to turn feelings of fear, doubt and anger into a positive vibration.

Join us for this very special digital soul journey happening daily on What’s App from November 1-11. Each day consists of a 30-minute meditation & journal activity led by some of the wisest yoga & meditation teachers on the planet.

Once registered, you’ll be added to our What’s App group. Each evening from 11.1 – 11.11 you will receive a recorded video featuring a brief message, a guided 15-minute meditation and 1 journal question to be completed in your journal. The goal is to complete the task the following day but if you miss a day, it’s ok to double up. This will be done on your time! When you have completed the task, you’ll simply reply with the Day + an emoji letting the rest of the group know you’ve completed the activity. We believe when we are held accountable and supported by fellow SoulJours, we are more likely to participate!

Benefits of this Experience

  1. Explore the mind. Surrender to Source. Ask for guidance from a higher power.
  2. Begin to establish a daily meditation & journal practice (crucial components to self discovery & mastery of the mind)
  3. Envision a state of wonder, where new doors open and we are able to manifest the life we were born to live
  4. Connect with SoulJours around the world


11-Day Soul Journey: $11
Includes the full experience + the recording for 11 days.
We encourage you to watch with your friends!

Admiral VIP Live Stream: $66
Includes the full experience, a SoulJour tee, butterfly sticker, bamboo spork, altar card, 11-Days of Wonder Soul Journey, 11 trees planted in the SoulJour Forest. Includes domestic shipping.
Shipping outside the US is not included.

Global Live Stream + 11-Day Soul Journey: $20
Includes Global Live Stream + 11-Day of Wonder Soul Journey

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