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Munich, Germany Workshop Series 2013

Jeanne is excited to return to Yogalounge where she will teach several workshops in their new yogastudium program of ongoing yoga education.

Tantra Flow: Align with your Spine

Friday, July 19, 2013

It has been said by ancient teachers that a Yogi is one whose spine is full of energy.  Come join Jeanne for a Vinyasa Flow class set to music, that will unwind your from the demands of your week. We will move the spine in many ways, wisely and gradually, leading to a clear channel for you to access your greatest essence. This will be a fun, sweaty class ending with a short meditation. All levels welcome.

Tantra, Yoga, and the Chakras

Saturday, July 20, 2013

We will start with a 30-minute lecture on the Chakras, their qualities and effects. The concept of Kundalini and how it works is also explained. A yoga practice follows that introduces asana/poses directly connected with each Chakra. Students are guided through visualization, mantra and breathing techniques that help free energy around the Chakras to allow the movement of Kundalini to percolate. The workshop ends with a Pranayama practice and a specific meditation that opens the Kundalini channels for spiritual awakening. Students leave with more awareness and freedom in these energy centers and tools to continue parts of the practice on their own. A handout on the Chakras is included in the workshop.

Open to all students and teachers. At least one year of yoga experience is recommended for the safety of the student.

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Dharana to Dhyana: The Art of Practicing and Teaching Meditation

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The terrain of meditation is often scary, vague and lonely, which leaves many of us concluding that we just can’t fit in. Before trying to still the mind, you will learn about the variable aspects that make up the mind and how each operates. Then, students will learn the art of concentration, known as Dharana, which is necessary before accessing the sublime journey of meditation. We will practice a variety of methods to cultivate Dharana and learn how to teach this to fellow students. Through this concentration, students will learn how to allow the space of meditation, Dhyana, to reveal itself. We will start with some lecture, application of a number of different meditation techniques and time for questions. We will end in a longer guided meditation to close the day.

This workshop is open to yoga teachers, meditation teachers and devoted yogis. Jeanne will be addressing how to teach meditation to students and how to work with the variety of reactions to meditation. Thus, it is highly recommended that students attend the earlier Tantra, Yoga and the Chakras workshop to learn from her examples.

Visit the yogalounge website for more information on the art of practicing and teaching meditation workshop.

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Working with the Wall

Sunday, July 21, 2013

This workshop is designed for teachers and dedicated students who are interested in methods to deepen their knowledge of the actual yoga asana, the poses. Cultivated from Iyengar yoga techniques, this workshop uses the wall as a strong and informative source of support. We will begin with simple poses, learning how to apply this knowledge and share it with your students. As we progress, more difficult and demanding poses will arise, using the wall as a valuable teaching tool. Some time will be spent observing bodies and offering adjustments, to help the student get even further. This workshop will give a teacher new resources for his/her own practice, and certainly enhance the students you teach afterwards. You may never use the wall again in a practice or class, but your teaching will improve from the new awareness.

Visit the yogalounge website for more information on the working with the wall workshop.

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