3 month series Move Together Live Class with Jeanne Heilmen

Vinyasa Flow Yoga – MoveTogether: Live! (WEDNESDAYS thru 9/29)

Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Travel Through the Inner Layers

Level 2

Each class in this series is dedicated to aspects of the Subtle Body which are not often taught or addressed in most yoga classes. Using the yoga poses and fun sequencing, we will explore the Pranayama, Manomaya and Vijnanamaya Koshas, to realize that there is more to experience in yoga besides the poses.  As we work with a specific aspect of this inner energy, you will feel the magic that makes yoga so special! Each class will offer some Pranayama and meditation in addition to flowing practice. You don’t have to know what the Koshas are to practice, just come and have fun!
  • Week 1 / July 7
    • Exploring the Nadis through a Laterals practice that helps us notice the right and left sides of the body. We will play with bringing everything to the center, towards Sushumna and find balance. 
  • Week 2 / July 14
    • Finding joy in Backbends through Pranavayus which can guide us how to breathe in the upper chest so that the backbend is possible.  
  • Week 3 / July 21
    • Bandhas will help us move deeper into forward folds to reveal that they are active, invigorating and strengthening postures, not just for relaxation.  There is an abdominal in every forward fold. Through the Bandha work, we will use that to our advantage!
  • Week 4 / July 28
    • Working with the Chakras #1 in a fun flow practice that helps us appreciate that the poses are more than exercise. They have the potential to hold and cultivate energy which we can use throughout our day.
  • Week 5 / August 4
    • Working with the Chakras #2 is a second fun flowing practice, taking things a bit deeper in experience.  The more we work with this material, the easier it is to access and experience.
  • Week 6 / August 11
    • Chitta and the Core.  They say that we have two brains, one which dwells in the belly.  We will work with the core region of the body to clear out the stuff in our minds and access a deep, calm state.
  • Week 7 / August 28
    • Manas is the part of the mind that takes in our information through all of the senses. This class is dedicated to how we are taking in the world and by turning things upside down, (inversions,) we can see things from new perspectives. Variations will be offered for all levels.
  • Week 8 / August 25
    • Asmita is the part of the mind that is connected to our sense of self, who we are. In this second inversions practice we will work with the tendency to identify our “performance” with our value and challenge those thought patterns. Variations will be offered for all levels.
  • Week 9 / Sept. 1
    • Kaiya Sthira is the absolute stillness, through all challenges. This is the skill we will seek to cultivate through a strong practice. Can we monitor the tendency to react and simply watch the impetus instead?  This is a powerful practice. 
  • Week 10 / Sept. 8
    • Working with the Shadow through arm balances.  The practice of Vichara, (self-inquiry) is invited as we play with a variety of arm balances and our ego’s response to our “performance.”  
  • Week 11 / Sept 15
    • Buddhi is the inner intelligence that helps use see through the noise to find truth.  In this practice we will work with an aligned spine throughout the class and invite the capacity to awaken our own inner wisdom.
  • Week 12 / Sept 22
    • Mudras are used in Tantra to hold and seal energy. We will move through a sequence that build to the great mudra, Maha Mudra.  Using tools and techniques from earlier classes, we will dive into the great experience that this pose offers. 
  • Week 13 / Sept 29
    • In the final week and class of this series, we’ll explore how hip openers and a stable seated posture can help us prepare for meditation and move toward the deepest aspect of the vijnanamaya kosha (the wisdom sheath).

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