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What Is the Subtle Body?

How can gaining an understanding of the subtle body and doing subtle body practices improve our life and enhance our yoga practice? In this program, tantra yoga educator Jeanne Heileman teaches you about the five koshas (the “layers” or “sheaths” that yoga tradition describes as making up the whole of our individual beings), the prana vayus (“pathways for the breath”), and the power of mantra and pranayama (breathwork) in cultivating vitality in daily life.

You’ll learn about each kosha—the etymology of their names, some of their origin stories, and how they can affect our everyday actions. Jeanne gives you real-life examples and tips to consider as you reflect on your own connection to the subtle body. To enhance your understanding of these concepts, she offers you mantra, pranayama, and meditation practices that are designed to bring you to a place of greater equanimity and peace.